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Cost of Retribution(Guild Storyline)

Bisxo Trosco, Mar 16, 13 12:01 AM.
The Cost of Retribution has started...Spades being the charming person he is, is going to introduce himself tonight(let me know how that goes).  This will be a storyline that is run by Myself, Exciti and Spades on the other side of things..and will be an M.I.I. vs. Askrik Triad storyline(not in a traditional shoot them up kind of way.)  Let's kick some M.I.I. butt!

Sins of the Past(Guild storyline)

Bisxo Trosco, Jan 30, 13 1:38 PM.
Sins of the Past has started as a Transdoshian slaver named Losqi has come looking for a missing wookie named Tarriji.  What is a guild storyline? Well it is a storyline that everybody can be involved in and can add to the RP as well as attend events that are a part of that storyline.  Who can submit a storyline?  Anyone can.  Although we do limit it to one storyline at a time, anyone can run on..just submit your ideas(broad idea, don't want to ruin any suprises), events and other such info to Bisxo and it could be the next story up.

Employee CO-OP

Bisxo Trosco, Jan 28, 13 1:40 AM.
I have started setting up the Employee CO-OP.  Right now there is not much there, but available items can be found under the Resources tab.  The CO-OP is located off to the left of the Casino.  Feel Free to take or leave resources as you feel fit, just let Bisxo know so we can update the site.  You can also post resources that you have left under the Resources tab.-Bisxo

Dragonpoint Casino Dry Run

Bisxo Trosco, Jan 27, 13 8:31 PM.
The Dragonpoint Casino will be doing a dry run for it's Roulette game and maybe even some slots Jan 28th from 8:30pm to 10:00pm.  All are welcome to come.
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